Lee Sanders

Lee Sanders |  Managing Director

Lee helps companies/employers with payroll tax-saving strategy, while offering other tax leveraged ideas that help upper management, key employees, and owners.

Most business owners need to better leverage their corporate assets while addressing the current cash flow needs of their company. Real planning is about taking advantage of opportunities and mitigating risks.

Lee enjoys spending time with his family and out on the golf course, as well as working with his clients diligently to help them grow their financial assets.

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Our Mission

To provide excellence in service and innovative financial product design to help our clients reach their financial objectives.  We specialize in helping our clients with the creation, maximization, protection, and enjoyment of their wealth by advocating for them to make informed financial decisions that reflect their value system, love of family, and commitment to the community.

Exit Planning

Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a strategy allowing owners to exit their businesses on their terms and conditions. Each business is unique and we can walk you through how to transition over to the next generation with a plan that works for you.

Business Valuation

The most common reasons to get a business valuation are when the company owners are considering selling the business or merging with another company. The results can also be used as leverage when trying to attract investors or when you are ready to exit the business and pass ownership along to another partner or family member.


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