Scott “Alex” Peyton

I am Alex Peyton, a financial professional from Lebeau, Louisiana. I went to University in Florida, studied briefly in Rome, lived in Lafayette and New Orleans, but nothing compares to the peace of raising a family in rural St. Landry Parish. With five years of marriage to Meredith Peyton and the joy that comes with raising three children – Lucy, Perpetua, and Anastasia – my journey is rooted in the familial devotion that I consider the most important aspect of my life.

My academic foundation encompasses a study of Literature, with a specialized focus on time theory within narratives, coupled with a rigorous exploration of Logic & Philosophy. This Liberal Arts background has significantly shaped my professional approach, equipping me with the skills to methodically analyze given data and architect cohesive financial structures.

A pinnacle professional accomplishment is my successive completion of the SIE and Series 7 examinations. This achievement underscores not only personal dedication but also reflects my mastery of certain intricate financial principles.

Within the expansive realm of finance, I have cultivated a profound interest in Long-term Care & Legacy funding strategies. These areas align seamlessly with my commitment to ensuring individuals’ future well-being, motivating me to navigate its complexities meticulously.

My role as a financial professional seamlessly merges an analytical process with an earnest dedication to enhancing client lives. I hold trust and transparency paramount in all my interactions with clients to ensure that the fears that most people have when discussing their finances are quelled. Together, we forge a path toward innovative financial solutions, tailored with precision to address your distinct needs.

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To provide excellence in service and innovative financial product design to help our clients reach their financial objectives.  We specialize in helping our clients with the creation, maximization, protection, and enjoyment of their wealth by advocating for them to make informed financial decisions that reflect their value system, love of family, and commitment to the community.

Business Exit Strategies

Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a strategy allowing owners to exit their businesses on their terms and conditions. Each business is unique and we can walk you through how to transition over to the next generation with a plan that works for you.

Business Valuation

The most common reasons to get a business valuation are when the company owners are considering selling the business or merging with another company. The results can also be used as leverage when trying to attract investors or when you are ready to exit the business and pass ownership along to another partner or family member.

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1590 W Causeway Approach, Suite #2, Mandeville, LA 70471